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Where should I call with a billing questions?
If you have questions about your bill, or you would like to pay a bill by phone please call our billing office at (918) 430-5388
Insurance Card, or Explanation of Benefits, or Bill
What hours is the best to call the billing office?
The billing office is open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, CST.
How long does it take to get my lab test results?
The Laboratory results will be available based on the type of test and procedures involved in order to obtain results. Most routine results are available the day after receipt of specimens by the laboratory*. Those designated as STAT will be expedited. Those that require longer assay time are reported as soon as results are available.
(*Please check with your physician to see what timeframe he has for reviewing and relaying lab results to you, along with his comments and recommendations.)
Do I get my results or does my primary care physician get the results?
The results will be made available to your Primary Care physician or ordering provider.
Can you bill Worker's Compensation for my claim?
Yes, we normally can bill Worker's Compensation, but we need this information: your social security number, the name of your employer, the date of injury, your Worker's Compensation claim number and the name and address of the Worker's Compensation carrier. (The carrier is usually your employer - in some states, it's the Worker's Compensation Commission.)
I cannot locate a treatment or diagnosis code on my statement?
We don't show treatment and diagnosis information because we handle only the billing portion of the medical process. If you have questions about your treatment, diagnosis or other medically-related questions, contact your health care provider.
Why did I receive a bill from the hospital and the physician's or specialist's office?
The hospital bills you for the use of their facility and the supplies used during your stay. The physician or specialist bills you for services that he or she performed.
Will you bill my secondary insurance organization?
Yes, we'll bill your secondary insurance organization, but we need this information; your insurance organization's name and address, your policy and group numbers and the policyholder's name and employer. We will file your secondary insurance once as a courtesy.
How can I find out if my insurance company has paid this claim?
Please read your bill carefully. A line item adjustment will be printed on your bill if we have received payment from the insurance company.
How do I file a claim using secondary insurance for the remainder of my lab bill?
If you have more than one insurance policy, you must submit to the secondary insurance company directly with a copy of your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your primary insurance company. Mail the bill you received, along with the EOB, to your secondary insurance company's claim processing address. Understanding your EOB